Bruny Wildlife Adventure

12 March

Five marketing tips that every entrepreneur should employ


In an extremely competitive world, to move ahead and stay ahead requires grit and determination. Do’nt wait too long to market your product. Marketing is the way to inform potential customers about your product and what it does for you. Here are some tips that every entrepreneur should abide by:

Focus on customers
Keep the customer before the sale. When you focus on fulfilling the need of the customer, sales will go up because a need is being met. Loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors for a product. Not only do they fall in the repeat business category, they also bring in more customers through word of mouth.


Signage attracts potential customers. Professional looking signboards define the company behiend the product. Hire the services of a good agency for signage and other marketing material. FM Digital Group employs the latest in LED and LCD display signage to promote client brands and engage customers in the market place. Traditional advertising mediums (static billboards and shop-front signage) lack cut through and are an out-of-date communication tool. FM Digital can provide never seen before digital signage solutions that will WOW your audience each time. We believe that with our technology and expertise we can enhance your brand, promote interaction with your customers and take your company to a new level.
Go online
Promote online. The best way to spread the message online it to write good content. Write articles that give information to the user. Use the social media to spread awareness of a product, it’s benefits and it’s use to a community. Blog, use utube, send podcasts. The options are many.

Use the Media
Make sure you get media coverage for your firm. Send out press releases. Ensure that the press release supports the marketing pitch. It should have substantial information to want to write or provide a media coverage. Last but not the least, assign someone to answer media questions. If you donate or are a part of charity, send a press release  every time you donate. It adds to the goodwill of the consumer.

Get Publicity through seminars and workshops
Conduct workshops to demonstrate the use of a product. Workshops instill a need in the consumer – a need to buy the product. Do a research of the audience before undertaking a workshop. The socio-economic background makes a big difference in th turnover of the workshop.

10 March

Seeking new sights



Life constantly changes and so do we. Routine and the mundane tend to get boring after some time. A little adventure, a little deviation from the everyday routine can bring a bounce back to life. Heading out on a nature’s trail can be fun and great for exercising the cramped muscles. Options for an adventure vacation are many. From taking a cycling vacation to heading out with kids to a national park to backpacking there is plenty to choose from. Here are some vacation ideas that take you away from the ordinary to the extraordinary:

Cycling requires fitness, specialized gear, and loads of time to absorb the surroundings. There are some weekend options available especially if you want to go cycling with kids. You can explore the sights and the sounds at your own pace and learn more. For travellers who are not local to Australia, who want to head out on their own, bikes can be hired locally.

National Park camping
Parks give both adults and kids a chance to explore in unlimited terrain surrounded with nature’s beauty. A number of families opt for a caravan or camper vacation to fully enjoy nature’s bounty. Camper’s can be rented or you can use your own if you own one. When travelling with a camper just ensure that you are well equipped for emergencies. Do not forget to equip the camper with a quality towbar to take care of any towing needs, should they arise. Westcott Towbars Adventures available at westcott towbars are suppliers and fitters of Hayman Reese which is synonymous with reliability, strength and towing experience.

Moving on foot is the best way to know and get a feel of a place. You can opt for day hikes or weekend trails. A number of open parks have a separate nature hiking trail where you can head out. When hiking keep the basics and luggage to a minimum. Remember you will be carrying the load. Carry clean drinking water and keep yourself hydrated. A small snack for emergencies is a must. Medicines, ointments, anti allergens should be in the backpack. Check here for a complete checklist for hiking.

10 March

Embark on a new adventure by freeing yourself from debt


Life is a neverending journey with ups and downs. It is an adventure with yourself to discover more. Many of us hesitate to try something new or something different. Many times fear pulls us back. Many times lack of resources and lack of finances make us live on a tight budget. Where then is the sense of adventure when we constantly battle to just survive. You will be surprised how quickly you can save with just a few changes in the way you live. Just a few simple lifestyle changes can give you freedom to do more. If you are in debt then just make a few minor changes like getting in touch with a debt consolidation company like  to help manage debt and guide you to moving towards a debt free life.

Here are a few tips on managing your hard earned money so that you can do more in less:

Make lists to keep yourself organised
Before you head out shopping, make a list. Yes make a list even if you go shopping for clothes. You know what you are looking for so you will find it quicker. Secondly you will not ending up with stuff you bought on a whim. A list makes you stay with the items that are important, otherwise we end up going out shopping again and again. A list also makes you think what all is really required. The aim here is to reduce the number of trips to the supermarket or the number of times you shop online. Each trip or each shopping experience ends up in a big expense, so keep this under control and you will not end up with big bills. Lastly keep a budget  and stay with it no matter what the temptation.

Look for discounts and sales
Online shopping or a trip to the discount store or trip to the mart where there is a heavy sale all are great for bargain buys. Just make sure you opt for the discounted items as one tends to get carried away and starts picking items not on sale. Combine a discount sale with actual purchase. If there is no requirement for an item, do not buy it just because it is on sale. Do you really need to buy a third black dress when you actually reached the store to look for a shirt. Stick with the original plan.

Start a Recurring deposit
Start a recurring deposit so that some money goes to the account every month. By directly directing the bank to make the transfer, you ensure that a certain amount gets collected for those days that you want to indulge. This is separate from the savings or a pension account. Use the money in the recurring account to treat yourself to something you really want. This keeps you motivated to save more.

So go ahead and save more to spend more.